The Advancements of Sickle Cell Thalassemia Treatment Methods

Sickle cell thalessemia is the life threatening disorder, the cause of this disease is the error in the genes for the hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is the substance which is composed of the protein and the iron molecules. The main function of the hemoglobin is to carry oxygen to the all parts of the body. Sickle cell thalessemia disorder can cause the jaundice, severe pain episodes and the fatigue. It is inherited; the both parents have to pass on a sick gene to believe the complete disease to their children. In these cases, the resulting disorder is of severe type and need special... Read More

An Overview of the History of Sickle Cell Anemia

When we talk about the sickle cell anemia, the question arises that what is the History of sickle cell anemia. This question took us too long time ago where the roots of this disease are found. It seems to be much common in the African tribes, where we find that most of the child suffering from this disease dies in their early childhood. Due to this factor this disease remained hidden for many years. On the other hand this disease’s symptoms resemble much of a tropical disease in African tribes. So, if we want to find out the exact History of sickle cell anemia we will surely get... Read More

Sickle Cell Trait Complications

Summary: Sickle cell trait is the condition in which a person has the one sick hemoglobin and other healthy one. The carrier of the sickle cell trait doesn’t show much of the sickle cell disorder symptoms. In the sickle cell disorder, the body starts to produce the sickle shape red blood cell, these don’t able to carry the proper amount of the oxygen and these can stick in the narrow veins and cause the severe pain. The sickle cell trait complications can also occur, which can lead the patient to the worse symptoms. The sickle cell disorder offers some resistance to malaria... Read More

Essential Sickle Cell Statistics

Summary: Sickle cell disorder is infecting millions of the people all around the world. The people are under rigorous attack whose ancestors came from the sub Saharan Africa and the Spanish regions, Saudi Arabia, India, Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy and the Turkey. There are no authenticated sickle cell anemia statistics data about the number of the people having the sickle cell disorder.   Content:  The people in the United State think that if you are not the African American, then there are not the higher chances of getting the sickle cell disease, but the sickle cell... Read More

Interesting Sickle Cell Facts

Summary: Sickle cell disease is the life-threatening inherited disorder. The normal red blood cells are round in shape, and flexible in nature, these can pass thought the narrow blood veins easily. One the other hand, abnormal red blood cells is the rigid and has the sickle shape. The sickle shaped cells find it difficult to pass-through the narrow veins; these form the clog there, which may cause the severe pain. The sickle cell can’t live for long, which causes the constant lack I the red blood cells count. Knowing the sickle cell anemia facts is essential. There are various... Read More

About Sickle Cell Mutation

A healthy individual has two healthy genes in the beta chain of the hemoglobin and two of the healthy genes in the alpha chain, one from each parent. The HbA is the normal hemoglobin designation, and the “HbA HbA” Is the genotype of the healthy individual. The people having these kinds of the hemoglobin are said to be the normal. In the sick individual, the sickle cell anemia mutation occurs. Two mutant beta-hemoglobin genes are found in the Individuals with sickle cell anemia. Genotype for this individual can be written as “HbS HbS.” Such persons are called to be the... Read More

The Benefits of Joining Sickle Cell Societies

Summary: Sickle cell disorder can cause the unbearable pain and can be a life threatening disease. The patient of the sickle cell disorder may suffer from different problems like strokes, ulcers, and blood in the urine, pain in the chest, hip and shoulder, infections in the internal organs such as kidney, heart, spleen, lungs and the liver. Sickle cell society has been offering its services for about 32 years. Their mission is to assist the persons having the sickle cell disorder to realize their full financial and the social potential.   Content: Sickle cell society performs multiple... Read More

Treating Sickle Cell Pain Crisis

Summary:  The sickle cell patient can have the chronic sickle cell pain crisis. There is an uncertainty in the etiology of the chronic sickle cell pain crises. The severity sickle cell pain crises can change over time and varies greatly. By the intermittent usage of the mild analgesics, some patients can overcome their sickle cell pain crises. Other patients required the frequent usage of the opiod analgesics. Consequently, there is not universal formula is available for the management of the sickle cell pain crises. Therefore, it is the biggest challenge for the physicians to manage the... Read More

The Importance of the Sickle Cell Test

Summary: There is a many sickle cell test available to identify the disorder. The blood test for the sickle cell disorder can clearly identify the hemoglobin S in the blood, which is the main cause of this disorder. It is essential to get the blood sickle cell test for the newborn babies in the hospital; it is the normal practice in the US.  For adults, it is also essential; the blood sample in the adult is drawn from the vein in the arm unlike in the babies where it is recommended to draw the blood sample from a finger or heel. After getting the sample, it is sent to the laboratory for... Read More

Effective Sickle Cell Treatment Methods

Summary: People having the sickle cell disorder start to show the signs of the disease in their first year of the life, around in the first five months of their age. Symptoms ad the complications are two different aspects of this disease. The intensity complication is different for each sickle cell disorder carrier, which ranges from mild to severe. There are effective ways of sickle cell disease treatments available, but the scientists have failed to discover the method to completely eradication of this disease.   Content: The fetal or the baby hemoglobin shields the red blood cells... Read More