The Benefits of Joining Sickle Cell Societies

Summary: Sickle cell disorder can cause the unbearable pain and can be a life threatening disease. The patient of the sickle cell disorder may suffer from different problems like strokes, ulcers, and blood in the urine, pain in the chest, hip and shoulder, infections in the internal organs such as kidney, heart, spleen, lungs and the liver. Sickle cell society has been offering its services for about 32 years. Their mission is to assist the persons having the sickle cell disorder to realize their full financial and the social potential.   Content: Sickle cell society performs multiple... Read More

Effects of Sickle Cell Anemia on Patients

Summary: the effects of sickle-cell anemia in human body system are so many but in this article; the effects like severe pains, visual disturbances, leg ulcers, failure of the lungs and kidney including delayed growth and puberty have been enumerated.   Content: Globally, there are so many patients suffering as a result of the effects of sickle-cell anemia. The most prevailing feature of sickle-cell anemia is regular occurrence of pain around the abdomen or lung or joint areas. This pain normally occurs when the hemoglobin molecules relating to the disease connects together, thereby causing... Read More

Sickle Cell Pain: Invaluable Things to Know

Summary: Repetitive and extreme episodes of limited pain are common phenomena in the lives of people afflicted with the sickle cell disease. These are the so called ‘sickle cell crisis’. Such a strong word is used here because of the fact that the pain felt by the person is very intense. Musculoskeletal pain is a common and very adverse outcome of the sickle cell disease. Sickle cell pain spares none of those who are affected. For these persons, painkillers are very crucial forms of medication to tackle sickle cell pain.   Content: Sickle cell pain is perhaps the most unfavorable... Read More