The Benefits of Joining Sickle Cell Societies

Summary: Sickle cell disorder can cause the unbearable pain and can be a life threatening disease. The patient of the sickle cell disorder may suffer from different problems like strokes, ulcers, and blood in the urine, pain in the chest, hip and shoulder, infections in the internal organs such as kidney, heart, spleen, lungs and the liver. Sickle cell society has been offering its services for about 32 years. Their mission is to assist the persons having the sickle cell disorder to realize their full financial and the social potential.   Content: Sickle cell society performs multiple... Read More

The Pathophysiology of Sickle Cell Anemia: How the Disease Works and Spreads

Summary: The pathophysiology of sickle cell anemia is a complex intricacy of multiple factors. The multiple factors include a specific type of mutation of a globin chain in the hemoglobin. It is this mutation which causes the ordinary blood cell to turn sickle shaped, thus causing the disease. The mutation also affects the lives of ordinary red blood cells and also affects the circulation. Thus, the pathophysiology of sickle cell anemia works out to be a delicate issue.   Content: The pathophysiology of sickle cell anemia can be primarily described as a mutation of the beta-globin chain... Read More

Can White People Get Sickle Cell Anemia?

Summary: Many people want to know the answer of the question “can white people get the sickle cell”. The various researches show that the ration of getting this disorder is higher in the black race than the white ones. It is because there are more sick hemoglobin carriers in the black race as compare to the white. Can white people get the sickle cell, is the question that not longer unanswered. Many scientists have put forward their researches to find the appropriate answer of “can white people get the sickle cell”. Content: Sickle cell disease has no authenticated cure available at... Read More

The Relationship Between Sickle Cell Anemia and Malaria

Summary: Some people are used to believe that the sickle cell trait offers the protection against the malaria, but the mechanisms are still unclear. There are various sources to be found the relation between the sickle cell anemia and malaria. A recent research by the Dr Tom Williams (Kenya Medical Research Institute) shows that the link of the immunity between the sickle cell anemia and malaria is present. Enhanced immunity to the malaria parasite is observed among the children suffering from the sickle cell trait. The adult has the highest level of immunity because the immunity tends to... Read More