About Sickle Cell Mutation

A healthy individual has two healthy genes in the beta chain of the hemoglobin and two of the healthy genes in the alpha chain, one from each parent. The HbA is the normal hemoglobin designation, and the “HbA HbA” Is the genotype of the healthy individual. The people having these kinds of the hemoglobin are said to be the normal. In the sick individual, the sickle cell anemia mutation occurs. Two mutant beta-hemoglobin genes are found in the Individuals with sickle cell anemia. Genotype for this individual can be written as “HbS HbS.” Such persons are called to be the... Read More

The Importance of the Sickle Cell Test

Summary: There is a many sickle cell test available to identify the disorder. The blood test for the sickle cell disorder can clearly identify the hemoglobin S in the blood, which is the main cause of this disorder. It is essential to get the blood sickle cell test for the newborn babies in the hospital; it is the normal practice in the US.  For adults, it is also essential; the blood sample in the adult is drawn from the vein in the arm unlike in the babies where it is recommended to draw the blood sample from a finger or heel. After getting the sample, it is sent to the laboratory for... Read More

Complications of Sickle Cell Disease on the Human Body

Summary: looking at the complications of sickle-cell disease, you will agree that sicknesses like stroke, acute chest pain, pulmonary hypertension, and organ damage are the major complications of sickle cell disease which have been troubling people living with sickle-cell. Comments: Sickle-cell diseases have created a lot of negative impact on the lives of many patients in the world and it is important for researchers and doctors to work harder as to discover the permanent solution to this deadly sickness. The complications of sickle-cell disease cannot be over emphasized due to the nature of... Read More

Effects of Sickle Cell Anemia on Patients

Summary: the effects of sickle-cell anemia in human body system are so many but in this article; the effects like severe pains, visual disturbances, leg ulcers, failure of the lungs and kidney including delayed growth and puberty have been enumerated.   Content: Globally, there are so many patients suffering as a result of the effects of sickle-cell anemia. The most prevailing feature of sickle-cell anemia is regular occurrence of pain around the abdomen or lung or joint areas. This pain normally occurs when the hemoglobin molecules relating to the disease connects together, thereby causing... Read More

How Sickle Cell Retinopathy Affects Your Eye

Summary: Sickle cell retinopathy directly refers to the effects of the sickle cell disease on the eye. The effect of the disease on the eye has been documented as early as 1930 though treatment and medical procedures have largely appeared to be stagnant with regards to this. However, of late, there seems to be accelerated R&D in the field of sickle cell retinopathy. The term is very relevant to nurses especially.     Content: Sickle cell retinopathy is the result of the sickle cell disease on the eye. It refers to the damage caused to the eye due to the sickle shaped blood... Read More

The Symptoms of Sickle Cell Anemia

Summary: Sickle cell anemia affects the red blood cell. This disorder develops due to an abnormal form of the protein in the blood. The protein called the hemoglobin turns the red blood cells into shape like the sickles. The sickle shaped cells are inflexible and having the shorter life span then the normal blood cell. These cells don’t live more than 20 days. They have a tendency to plod together and block the narrow blood vessels. The painful episode is referred as the sickle cell crisis. It is the one of the major symptoms of sickle cell anemia. Content: They clump together and block... Read More