The Main Causes of Sickle Cell Anemia

Summary: Sickle-cell disease or the sickle cell anemia is the red blood cell disorder. This disease decreases the flexibility of the cells and results in a risk of different complications. The mutation in the hemoglobin gene occurs in the case of the sickle blood anemia. Causes of sickle cell anemia are not many, as it is the inherited disease, it can transfer to the children by their infected parents.

Content: Life expectancy of the sickle cell disease carrier is shortened then the normal human being. Various studies show that the average life of 42 and 48 years is observed in the males and females. You can’t tell the Causes of sickle cell anemia by knowing the symptoms, but you have to study about this disorder completely. The occurrence of this disorder in the United States is approximately 1 in 5,000; mostly affecting peoples is the African Americans, an authenticated research by the National Institutes of Health.

Treatment of the sickle cell disorder is the blood transfusion and the use of the antibiotics to prevent an infection of the internal organs. The causes of sickle cell anemia are simple to understand, it is not the disease but a disorder, inherited by the parents to his or her children. During the severe crisis you can you the pain relief drugs. Transplants and surgery are also useful to suppress the effects of this disorder. But for complete eradication of the disease the bone marrow transplants can help you. The risk involves in the marrow injection and because of the expenses is involved during the whole process restrain people to choose this type of the treatment.

One of the major causes of sickle cell anemia is the abnormality in the hemoglobin; it is the main ingredient in the oxygen carrying. The abnormal hemoglobin S turns the shape of the cell into the sickle and makes them rigid.  The shape of the cells causes the blockage in the narrow vein, and makes them tremendously breakable.

The hemoglobin has the three main components, heme, alpha globin, and the beta globin. The one of the main causes of sickle cell anemia is the genetic change in the beta globin component of the hemoglobin. A strange change in the genetic coding of the chromosome 11 causes the sickle cell anemia. An insertion of the unusual amino acid into the beta globin-protein of the hemoglobin molecule causes this disorder. That result in changing the functionality of the hemoglobin. We can call it as the sickle cell gene.

An individual usually has the two copies of the normal red blood cell gene. Both these copies help to create the normal beta globin. The sickle cell trait carrier has one normal cell gene and other sickle cell gene. Therefore, they tend to produce normal red blood cells as well as the sickle cells in the equal proportions. In this case, a carrier will not experience severe health problems. The sickle cell anemia patient will surely have the both of the genres as the suckle ones.

Genetics plays a vital role in sickle cell disease and on its symptoms. There are more the 25% chance that the baby has the sickle cell anemia, if the mother and the father are carrying the sickle cell trait. Therefore, the abnormal genetics is one of the main causes of sickle cell anemia.

As we all know, the importance of the oxygen in over life, the sufficient amount of the oxygen is essential for the proper functioning of the cell. It is the red blood cell which works as the oxygen carrier in our body. When the sickle cell performs this task, after releasing the oxygen to the tissues they turn into the sickle shaped cells.

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