About Sickle Cell Mutation

A healthy individual has two healthy genes in the beta chain of the hemoglobin and two of the healthy genes in the alpha chain, one from each parent. The HbA is the normal hemoglobin designation, and the “HbA HbA” Is the genotype of the healthy individual. The people having these kinds of the hemoglobin are said to be the normal. In the sick individual, the sickle cell anemia mutation occurs. Two mutant beta-hemoglobin genes are found in the Individuals with sickle cell anemia. Genotype for this individual can be written as “HbS HbS.” Such persons are called to be the homozygous for the sickle cell anemia mutation.

The child can inherit one of the each the beta-hemoglobin gene, in this case the genotype can be written as “HbA HbS.” Such Individual is known as the carrier of the sickle cell gene or the have the sickle cell trait. The sickle cell anemia mutation occurs at the lowest level, the red blood cell produces about40% mutant hemoglobin and 60% healthy hemoglobin. The people with such conditions can lead a normal life but they can encounter some difficulty when exposed to the low level of the oxygen and tension. In these situations, the person should avoid to have the extremely strenuous exercise.

The sickle cell anemia mutation is not beneficial for those individual having the both copies of the mutated gene in their cells. Even before reaching the reproductive age they often die. The individual having the heterozygotes (HbA HbS) receives some sort of the benefits. They have greater immunity against the malaria, this can’t let them down in any condition. Those people having the sick cell trail possesses the greater resistance against the malaria. The various researching are going on to recognize the effects of the sickle cell anemia mutation.

The protist Plasmodium falciparum form the most deadly type of the malaria. It enters into the human blood with the help of the mosquito’s biting. The protist pathogen has the ability to lodge in the human blood, it can increase the PH of the human blood by the 0.4 pH units. In this situation, immune system cells block the deformed red blood cells. Therefore the protest and also sickled cells are destroyed. It is not possible in this system to offer 100% protection against the malaria, but it is very effective in lessening the severity of this disease. Interestingly, the sickle cell trait carrier women can be more fertile than normal women, the reason is still unidentified. Sickle cell anemia mutation can be considered as the beneficial for the human being. Heterozygotes HbA HbS tend to live longer in the reproductive age and pass on the genes as compared to the HbA homozygotes. They also obtain remarkable protection against the malaria.

The Sickle cell anemia mutation is still an undiscovered section. The normal function of the hemoglobin is suppressed and not get improved but on the other hand, the protection from malaria is greater in this case which is just an incidental side benefit.  The pathogen gets to destroy along with the defective cells. The Sickle cell anemia mutation does not come out with the new level of complication. The functional information is still partially undiscovered along with the novel structural characteristic of the evolution. It is difficult to notice that how this kind of genetic change could lead to a true evolutionary advancement.

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