Essential Sickle Cell Statistics

Summary: Sickle cell disorder is infecting millions of the people all around the world. The people are under rigorous attack whose ancestors came from the sub Saharan Africa and the Spanish regions, Saudi Arabia, India, Mediterranean countries like Greece, Italy and the Turkey. There are no authenticated sickle cell anemia statistics data about the number of the people having the sickle cell disorder.


Content:  The people in the United State think that if you are not the African American, then there are not the higher chances of getting the sickle cell disease, but the sickle cell anemia statistics show some surprising facts. There are lots of the non-African Americans who are infected with the sickle cell disease. The sickle cell anemia statistics also show that this life threatening disease is the most common in the West and Central Africa. At this place, over 25% of the people struggling with the sickle cell trait and one to two percent of all the babies there are having the sickle cell disease.


Knowing the sickle cell anemia statistics will surprise you, as in just United States having the estimated population over 270 million, about one thousand babies born with the sickle cell disorder every year. Sickle cell anemia statistics of the Nigeria show that the 45,000 to 90,000 babies born with the sickle cell disorder each year. The main reason of spreading this disorder all around the world is the transatlantic slave trade, which had brought this disease into the Americas and The many parts of the Caribbean.


The slave trade is not the reason in spreading of the sickle cell in the Southern Europe; there were some cases even before the trading. The deep studies of the sickle cell anemia statistics show that this is also present in the near and Middle East countries. The India and Sri Lanka regions are also under attack of the sickle cell disorder. The SCD is the international health issue, and we should put the collective effort to eradicate this.


Only the collective efforts can lead us finding the effective treatment methods of the sickle cell disorder. The advanced countries must share the knowledge and the advancement in the treatment method of the SCD to the less or under developed countries. We should also identify the places where the patients with the sickle cell disorder are dying at the alarming rates and should plan something to save them.


From the 1999 to 2002 the estimated deaths of the children younger than 4 years is about 42% among the Black or African-Americans. Most of the people have the sickle cell trait and don’t realize that. If any of your family members have this trait, it is possible that you also have the sickle cell trait. There are over 25% of the chances that your child has the sickle cell disorder, if you and your partner already have the trait.  Therefore, it is important to know the sickle cell anemia statistics. The blood test is he easiest way to know if you have the sickle cell trait or not. You can have all the information about these tests by your primary care provider.


If someone has the trait, then he/she should talk to the doctor and find out the ways to handle the condition. Different types of the treatments are available for the different conditions. If you and your partner have the trait, it is essential to talk with the doctor if you are planning to have the baby. A genetic counselor can give you the better guideline in this situation.  These actions will enable you to understand the risks involve in having a child with sickle cell disease.

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