Interesting Sickle Cell Facts

Summary: Sickle cell disease is the life-threatening inherited disorder. The normal red blood cells are round in shape, and flexible in nature, these can pass thought the narrow blood veins easily. One the other hand, abnormal red blood cells is the rigid and has the sickle shape. The sickle shaped cells find it difficult to pass-through the narrow veins; these form the clog there, which may cause the severe pain. The sickle cell can’t live for long, which causes the constant lack I the red blood cells count. Knowing the sickle cell anemia facts is essential. There are various surprising sickle cell anemia facts.


Content: One of the well known sickle cell anemia facts, the one out of the twelve African-Americans possesses the sickle cell trait. One the other hand, the number of infected people is lesser in the Latinos; about one out of hounded people is infected by this disease. You must conscious about this disorder and you always look to grab the information on this topic if your ancestors belong to the Latin America, Asia, the Mediterranean region, India and the Africa. African descended population is under the sickle cell disease attack.


One most interesting sickle cell anemia facts is about the origin of this disorder, people believe that the sickle cell disorder was firstly found in the area where the people were infected with the malaria. The people with the sickle cell trait have the both kinds of hemoglobin the A and also the S type. One of the interesting sickle cell anemia facts, the person having the sickle cell trait has the greater immunity against the malaria.


Normally, the people don’t show the symptoms of sickle cell trait. But, under certain stressful condition they may have some issues. The sickle cell trait carrier can have the symptoms like the dehydration (the lack of the fluid in the body), low oxygen (caused by living at higher elevation or the strenuous exercise). There are interesting sickle cell anemia facts about the origin of its name; it is the condition in which the red blood cells turn to the sickling in shape.


One of the most threatening sickle cell anemia facts to the American people is that the sickle cell anemia is one of the severe diseases and it is mainly affecting the African Americans. In the United State, the one out of the five hundred African Americans are having the sickle cell trait at the time of their birth. Over two million Americans are infected with the sickle cell disorder.


Hispanic Americans are not also safe from this life threatening disorder.  About one out of the every 36,000 Hispanic American has the sickle cell genes at the time of their birth.

The people get surprised; if the person is diagnosed with the sickle cell gene and dot belong to the African-American. Everyone will conscious to know how long the carrier of the sickle cell gene can live, the answer is simple; he/she can live more than 40 years, only in the case of the proper treatment and the medical care. If you are finding the universal treatment method of this disorder, you will be disappointed, because there is no universal method of treating this inherited disease.


The discovery of the hydroxyurea is the biggest advancement in the treatment of the sickle cell disorder; it is very effective in the severe pain crises. As there are some side-effects of the blood transfusion, people are more likely to use the hydroxyurea instead of the blood transfusion. The SCD patients can live the productive life as the normal person, but it required extensive care and the proper examination of every symptom.

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