Sickle Cell Trait Complications

Summary: Sickle cell trait is the condition in which a person has the one sick hemoglobin and other healthy one. The carrier of the sickle cell trait doesn’t show much of the sickle cell disorder symptoms. In the sickle cell disorder, the body starts to produce the sickle shape red blood cell, these don’t able to carry the proper amount of the oxygen and these can stick in the narrow veins and cause the severe pain. The sickle cell trait complications can also occur, which can lead the patient to the worse symptoms. The sickle cell disorder offers some resistance to malaria parasitization of the red blood cells. Therefore the sickle cell trait carrier has some advantage in the specific type of the environment.


Content: The sickle cell trait complications are serious enough to cause the life-threatening health problems. Sickle cell affects mostly infants from the Africa, Central America and the Mediterranean countries. It is common in the African Americans in the United Sates. The upsetting sickle cell trait complications can be seen if the carrier doesn’t give proper attention to this disorder. The sickle cell trait carrier inherits the one normal hemoglobin A from one of his/her parents and other sick hemoglobin S from another parent. To avoid the sickle cell trait complications, the easy detection test is essential. There are couples of test available for the infants for the early detection of the sickle cell trait. It is treated as the proper disease, because some of the sickle cell trait complications can result in the severe conditions.


Sickle cell trait complications can cause the disease like the urinary tract infection, and the acute pain in the joints. The carrier shows know everything about the sickle cell trait complications and the urinary tract infection. There are higher chances of getting the sickle cell trait complications in women.


It is not good for the carrier of the sickle cell trait to perform the physical activities during weather condition and in the cities of high elevation and on the area having a low oxygen level. You can do some indoor activities during the severe weather conditions. There is a chance of getting the complications in the spleen, when the sickle cell trait carrier is exposed to the high attitudes. The carrier will feel pain in the upper-left area of the abdomen. In these conditions immediate medical intervention is essential.


Sickle cell trait complications include the lung complications such as pulmonary embolism. If you are feeling the signs of mucus-buildup and the uncontrollable coughing, then you should discuss your physician immediately. One of the most important sickle cell trait complications is the exercise-related death. There is the chance of increased mortality from exercise, the first case of this kind was found in the enlisted recruits of the US Armed Forces basic training. The four exercise-related deaths happened the first summer of the training. During the year 1981, twelve cases of natural exercise-related death was reported. It is believed that the death cause of the sickle cell trait complications.

Sickle cell trait complications may include the acute focal spleen infarction, infection in the lungs, retina, kidneys, bone and the brain. The sickle cell trail can be found in every place on earth, but the ratio of the infected people in higher in the Black African and the Black Caribbean. The people of the Middle East are also having the highest rate of getting infected by this disorder.


Sickle cell trait complications can occur when the carrier is exposed to the area of extremely low oxygen, like living in the high altitudes and flight in a un-pressurized aircraft. Sickle cell trait complications can also occur if the body gets dehydrated; in these conditions the excessive use of the fluid is recommended.


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