What Is Sickle Cell Disease?

Summary: The sickle cell disease is caused by the replacement of the normal adult hemoglobin (HbA) with the abnormal hemoglobin (HbS), which cause the buckling and rigidity of the red blood cells. It is hereditary or the hemoglobinopathy disorder. This disease also causes the reduction of the oxygen tension. The sickle cell disorder is more common in the black race, and this is less in the whites like Mediterranean descent. It is always better to know “What is sickle cell disease”, because it is the only way to decrease the chance of getting this disorder.

Content: This disorder is also known as the autosomal recessive disorder. As the black race is under its attack, in just the US, there are 1:12 black persons carrying the sickle cell trait. Therefore, there is a high rate among the black couple that their child will born with this disorder, there is about 0.7% chance that their children will have the sickle cell disease. Therefore, it is vital to educate the black people about what is sickle cell disease to minimize the chance of spreading this disorder.  A union between two individuals (carrying the heterozygous type of variation of sickle cell trait) is another cause of the occurrence of the sickle cell disease.

The changes in the globin fraction of hemoglobin are the responsible for this kind of the disorder. Hemoglobin consists of the 574 amino acids. The difference between the Hemoglobin S and the hemoglobin A is only the placement of only one amino acid. In the normal hemoglobin at the sixth position of the 3-polypeptide chain there is glutamine present, but with the hemoglobin S the Valine replaces the glutamine. The suitable circumstance of this replacement is the decreased oxygen tension and lowered the pH of the blood. If you want to know “what is sickle cell disease” it is essential to understand every term related to this disorder. This article will tell you what is sickle cell disease in brief.

The hemoglobin S is relatively insoluble and turns its structure to form the long slender crystals. The tenting of the cell membrane occurs as the result of the quick growth of these filamentous crystals. The normal holly leaf structure of hemoglobin A has the less viscosity the filamentous structure. This could increase the intracellular concentration of the hemoglobin; the dehydration can turn the shape of the cell into the sickles. This sickling response can be revered under sufficient supply of oxygen. The sickle cell disease has no proper cure; although various researches are going on to find the effective method to cure this deadly disease. There is no method which can lead you to the proper cure but there are various cares which will tell you how to minimize the effect of this disorder. There are various authenticated sources to know what is sickle cell disease and its treatment. It is recommended to stay in touch with these sources and find out the advancement in the curing procedures.

To reduce the severity of the pain, the sickle cell disorder patient should use the plenty of fluids and the iron containing foodstuff. In some serious condition, the patient in need of the blood transfusion, it is better to immediately do that, because without this one can’t even imagine to live. The Hydroxyurea is one of the effective drugs in relieving the pain due to the sickle cell disorder. It is known for its effectiveness and giving the longest gap in between the severe pain attacks. The scientists are still trying their best to get the most effective treatment methods to get rid of the sickle cell disorder. If you are suffering from this disease, it is vital to know what is sickle cell disease for you

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