The Advancements of Sickle Cell Thalassemia Treatment Methods

Sickle cell thalessemia is the life threatening disorder, the cause of this disease is the error in the genes for the hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is the substance which is composed of the protein and the iron molecules. The main function of the hemoglobin is to carry oxygen to the all parts of the body. Sickle cell thalessemia disorder can cause the jaundice, severe pain episodes and the fatigue. It is inherited; the both parents have to pass on a sick gene to believe the complete disease to their children. In these cases, the resulting disorder is of severe type and need special attention.

This sickle cell thalessemia disorder was discovered in 1900s, when known as the peculiar. The father studies revealed the fact that the sickle shaped red blood cell can create blockages in the narrow veins and cause severe pain. A landmark studies by the Dr Linus Pauling revealed an interesting fact about the sickle cell disease that that this disease is mainly caused by sick hemoglobin, known as the hemoglobin S. The farther researches revealed more about the sickle cell thalessemia, they found that this type of the hemoglobin was actually responsible in changing the red blood cell shape into the sickle. It is only because of the minor error in the amino acid of the hemoglobin S.

The most interesting fact about the sickle cell thalessemia, although it was discovered about a half century ago, but the scientists are failing to discover its genuine treatment method, which actually can eradicate this disorder. The recent studies show the advancement in sickle cell thalessemia treatment, but these are little slow. The Prophylactic Penicillin Study has shown that by giving the penicillin and the antibiotic in the normal conditions, we can prevent the death related to severe infections in sickle cell thalessemia disorder.

The Multicenter Bone Marrow Transplant Study established that about 84% of the children with sickle cell thalessemia disorder on receiving the bone marrow transplant can be on the safe side. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new therapy known as the hydroxyurea, it is effective in suppressing the complications in the sickle cell thalessemia disorder. The proper dose of the Hydroxyurea can stimulate the body to begin the production of hemoglobin F.

The noticeable advancement has been made during the last decade, the researches are helpful in pain control. The advancement in the study enables us to understand the risk involve in the sickle cell thalessemia disorder, and give us the new way to suppress the effect of the complication related to this disease. The Thalassemia is regarded as the low level of the red blood cell, it was firstly described by the Detroit physician. This disorder causes the poor growth of the body parts and early childhood death. In 1946, the scientist found the main cause of the thalassemia, the sick abnormal hemoglobin structure. As a result of this destruction of the red blood cells, the body tries to create more cells to compensate the body requires, which can lead to further complications. In the 1960s, the first blood transfusion occurred when the doctor tried to treat the thalassemia by transfusing him with fresh the red blood cells each month.

As the case of the sickle cell disease, the drugs are effective which help the body to produce the fetal hemoglobin; the same types of the drugs are equally effective in the case of the thalassemia. The main cause of the sickle cell disorder is the genetic mutation which causes the carriers to have the hemoglobin S.

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