Can Sickle Cell Anemia Be Cured? Your Answers Revealed

Summary: Can sickle-cell anemia be cured? The can be treated successfully depending on the age of the patient, proper application of hydrae drugs and availability of a genetically match-able bone marrow donor for transplanting to ensure that the treatment process will be a successful one and which will answer the question asked thus: can sickle-cell anemia be cured?


Content: Usually in this vast earth, there are loads of people in anguish because of a range of different diseases. Some have lost hope that they are definitely going to die as a result of these sicknesses, particularly people who have been diagnosed and confirmed of having Sickle cell anemia. Their regular question to everyone is – can Sickle-cell Anemia be cured? 

The reason behind this question is to know whether there is hope for survival. However, medically there are positive records from different organizations stating the new way forward for the treatment of this sickness. In the United State of America, there was an announcement made by the National Institutes of Health in January, disclosing that the first successful answer to the inquiry ‘can sickle-cell anemia be cured?’ had been discovered in a national study and by so doing, a lot of patients will be given adequate treatment.


The introduction of hydroxyurea drug which is also known as hydrae to patients have given a sign of relief to the patients of sickle cell diseases. This is the only certified drug which has been tested and proven to be the lasting solution to this ill-health. In the past, about 299 adults with serious diseases were given the hydroxyurea pills to be taken once-daily and helped in answering the regular question which states – can sickle-cell anemia be cured? This drug reduced the rate of patients’ hospitalization, blood transfusions and situations like the life-threatening difficulty called acute chest pain syndrome. This once completed in the approved manner will go an extended way to provide a proper answer to this very frequent query of ‘can sickle-cell anemia be cured.’


Another way of treating this sickness is called bone marrow transplant. This procedure is not applicable to all patients; it depends on the age, acuteness of the ill-health and availability of donor. In as much as this procedure involving bone marrow transplanting is successful on many patients, it will serve as an answer to the inquiry raised thus; can sickle cell anemia be cured? Actually, the work of the bone marrow is to produce sickle shaped red blood cell due to defective hemoglobin and if correctly done, it will answer the query stated as: can sickle-cell anemia be cured?


The purpose of this transplant is to replace the bone marrow in sickle-cell patient with bone marrow gotten from a healthy patient which will provide usual red blood cells. When this process is completed, the new bone marrow will assist the patient’s body to produce regular red blood cells. This should about silence anyone who spends about their valuable time thinking – can sickle-cell anemia be cured.


To completely achieve this feat, it is proper to consider the eligibility of the patient in question whom this drug or process will be applied upon. It is suggested that the bone marrow transplanting will only be possible and effective on children under the age of seventeen years who have serious sickle-cell symptoms, but have not experienced major damage in their organs and if this is properly done, it will settle the anxiety-Can sickle-cell anemia be cured, seriously!


The availability of donors also affects the process of bone marrow transplanting as a way forward to tackling the doubt ‘can sickle-cell anemia be cured’ expressed by a patient.  An eligible patient will have a genetically matched donor to be able to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Siblings are always the best donors as they have twenty-five percent chances of genetic suitability. And if this works correctly on that patient then there would be very few people around asking ‘Can sickle-cell anemia be cured?’


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